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Filming at the Irish National Heritage Park

A day of cameras and action for the National Heritage park in preparation for our series of courses and shows over the summer. Horses and people had a blast doing norman cavalry work on the site of the first norman castle in Ireland a stone's throw from the archeological digs.

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A Day for Two

A Special Day for two Special People!
A day of adventure with the horsemen of Eire sampling what the centre has to offer, 6 sessions over the day for two people to enjoy together, trying mounted combat, horsemanship, swordfighting and archery. A day to remember!


Horsemanship Mentoring

For the horseperson in your life

Whether starting starting a new colt, or preparing two old friends for new adventures, 5 sessions of mentoring in traditional vaquero horsemanship, going back to the origins of natural horsemanship when their were cattle to work and ranges to roam and sabres flashed in the dawn.


Summer Course

Make a wish come true, put a big adventure under the tree! with bigger value!

A gift voucher for 4 sessions of the receivers choice of private lessons of either Mounted Combat, Horsemanship or historical fencing. Perfect gift for someone in your life with a real passion.

65 Euro Savings



Give a little, save big! Help a start a fire in someone you know

A gift voucher for any age giving a private lesson of the receiver's choice, whether mounted combat, horsemanship or fighting on foot, great for giving a little adventure to someone you know.

15 Euro savings