Our Performers

Alessia Pagani

Alessia is our horse master. She started as a professional Ballet Dancer, through a long path she ended up learning Vaquero horsemanship with the top hands in the US. She now uses her experience to train our stunt horses.


Paul Reck

With 20 years stage combat and theatre experience, Paul Reck is our Fight Choreographer and contributes his skills in building up the team.

Jack Gassmann

Teaching Workshops on historical swordsmanship, competing and lecturing around the world around the world Jack Gassmann is our historical fencing trainer. He focusses on combining historical skills with cinema to enable ever more daring stunts.

Sam Gassmann

International Medalist in Historical and Irish Representative for Longsword at the European Games.

Oisin Newport

Oisin his background in Kickboxing and Parkour to his historical fencing skills.