Bannow 1169 Festival

Horsemen of Eire had their debut performance of their equestrian theatre production "1169 Fire and Sword the Norman Landing" dramatising the events of 1169-1171 with swordfighting and equestrian stunts telling the story to delight young and old alike. The festival was a success with more than 2000 visitors on the Sunday alone.

The Horsemen Abroad

Alessia was in Switzerland again for private lessons, who knows next time swords and bows might come along!

The Horsemen Abroad

Jack Gassmann headed to Washington DC to teach at Longpoint 2019 and lecture on medieval riding culture, he also competed in longsword triathlon and took a respectable 7th from a field of competitors around the world.
Photos pending.

Filming at the Irish National Heritage Park

The Irish national Heritage park invited the Horsemen of Eire for a day of filming for a promo of the mounted combat classes that will be held at the park over the summer

Trying out Some Prototypes for the Knightshop

The Horsemen of Eire were asked to try out some prototype sets of armour made out of high quality plastics, for film and stunt shows. The pieces of armour are molded as copies of historical armour and are attached in the same fashion, making them secure and manoeuvrable. Looking forward to when these are on the market!



James Roberts and Bryan Tunstall came for a weekend intensive, fun was had by all! Loved every bit of it! 

Bryan fell a little bit in love with Rebel, both he and rebel were disappointed to here that rebel was a gelding and therefor there weren't going to be any baby Rebys to run around chewing on things.

James on the other hand fell in love with Girly!

Some Kind Words

Horsemen of Eire and their Christmas Party got a write up in Maria Nolans blog "Out and about with Maria Nolan"

Some Photos from the Open House

It was the day before Christmas Eve... and everything was stirring especially the horses! Photos courtesy of Arthur Janowski. 

Horsemen of Eire Christmas Party

The Horsemen Abroad

Alessia was teaching Switzerland again, mountains, horses, cows and fun!

A Visitor

We recently had a Visitor for the weekend for one of our mounted combat intensives. Matt Spina came over from Birmingham for three days packed with riding and fencing as well as a few well remembered laughs.

The Horsemen Abroad

Alessia Pagani again flew into Gothenburg Sweden to give workshops and lessons on horsemanship and cow working preparation. Young horses, old horses, riders new and old, lazy and lively, as well riders spent an enjoyable weekend learning the secrets of timing and balance, and of course having fun.

Horsemen Win Gold at Wexford Tournament

Jack Gassmann of the Horsemen of Eire  won Gold at the Horned Crown Tournament organised by the goats head historical fencing club, competing in Longsword. He took home both the gold medal and technical prize against competitors from all over Ireland. Sam Gassmann of the Horsemen took Silver, the last match pitting brother against brother.

Mounted Combat Demo For Irish Historical Fencing League

Horsemen of Eire made a presentation of mounted combat for the Irish Historical Fencing League at the Academy outside Glynn. Including a demonstration of fencing techniques on horseback from original medieval manuscripts and a display of full contact fighting on horseback.