The Academy

Join us at the Horsemen of Eire Academy just north of Wexford for our courses or private coaching on mounted combat horsemanship and sword-fighting. Come check out our what courses are running or just stop by and say hello to the ponies.

Mounted Combat

Join the Horsmen for classes on fighting with swords, lances and bows and much more on horseback and much more besides. From kids classes to adults get yourself out here and live the dream.


Let us inspire you to understand what the horses are trying to say and what their needs are. We will help you surprise yourself with your capacity for observing and communicating with your partner in a logical and sensible way.


Game of Thrones? Vikings? Black Sails? Don't just watch the action, live it! Swordfighting classes from champion fencers researched from historical fencing manuals and the chance to apply them in full contact training.


Beginners Mounted Combat Course

5 sessions, 3 private lessons on horseback and 2 weapons sessions on foot preparing you for using weapons on horseback for both advanced and novice riders working at your pace, your choice of sword, lance or bow. The course prepares you for joining in our more advanced courses and group classes.


Single Private Lesson

A private one on one session of coaching on mounted combat taught from historical manuscripts on swordsmanship, archery and jousting


Horsemanship Course

5 one on one sessions working to give you a deeper understanding of the horse and the basis for a horse that is at peace with himself, athletic and a dependable partner in any adventure.

This course makes an excellent partner to our mounted combat course for those looking for solid foundations.


Single Private Lesson Horsemanship

A private session focusing on coaching your horsemanship and getting the best out of your horse.